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Open for drabble request

I'm open for a drabble request

Accepting request from the following fandom:
* Hey!Say!JUMP
* News
* Ya-ya-yah
* Kis-My-Ft2
* Arashi
* Kanjani8
* Johnny's Jr (depends if I know the junior well or not, you can always try)
* Drama (non JE actors or actresses, but I might not be able to get to the characters that well if it's RL setting)

NOT accepting any of the following:
* Underaged sex
* Incest
* OCs

Comment below in the following format:
Fandom: (e.g. Cross over)
Characters: (e.g. Tanaka Koki x Fujigaya Taisuke)
Rating: (e.g. PG-13)
Prompt: (e.g. It has been years since KAT-TUN debuted, but Koki still receive long phone calls from Taipi, which mostly consist of nonsense)

Do note that the drabble might differ a little from the wanted prompt and that I might take some time to make it.
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