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[One Shot] They Said It Should Start With A Bang

Title: They Said It Should Start With a Bang
Pairing/Group: Takaki Yuya x Inoo Kei / Hey!Say!JUMP
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Word Count: 3,418
Summary: Inoo doesn't like how he barely talks to Takaki even after knowing the other guy for years. Something has to change and he knows that he has a really good plan to break the ice.
Notes: Made for hotfruits for 2011 je_fqfest


It was not a secret that Inoo loved attention. His blatant opinions, random wicked dance, or pranks he pulled with Hikaru screamed "Look at me, people!!" He also knew that people were naturally drawn to him even when he didn't do anything in particular. He had white-pearl skin, full lips, slender fingers, and playful eyes. Who could say no to that? He knew that he was such a comic relief for the juniors, not as good as Hikaru, but he knew he could take the second spot without any problem at all. Daiki and Yabu never said ‘no’ to him if he wanted to hang out with either one of them, especially Daiki because he had gotten the little guy under his manipulative fingers.

Everyone but Takaki.

Talking to Takaki was like one of those rare moments in his life. Takaki had known him since the older guy first joined the agency, but not even once have they had a normal occasion where they could just chill and hang out. He found it extremely irritating when Daiki or even Ryutaro had no problem in starting a conversation with the tanned guy. It made Inoo wonder if he was such a bad senpai back during their junior days. Takaki still even called him Inoo-kun for crying out loud.

But Inoo was prepared this time - very well prepared. This tension that had been building up inside him whenever he was around Takaki had finally hit the right button and he knew he had to do something to overcome it. So there he was, sitting in their hotel room (he had managed to convince Yuto to switch rooms with him without Takaki's knowledge). His leg was crossed over the other; the other one was tapping against the carpeted floor as he waited for Takaki almost impatiently.

A smile made its way to Inoo's face when he heard the door being opened from the outside, making him stand up almost right away. He smiled even more himself in anticipation, eyes wondering around for a moment to make sure that everything was as how he had planned it. He had spent most of his time in planning this so he would totally be frustrated if it didn't go according to plan.

"Inoo-kun?! What are you doing her-- oh my God, what are you wearing?!?!" Takaki jolted on the spot when he discovered the other boy in the room that he was supposed to share with Yuto.

"You don't like it?" Inoo tilted his head, straightening up his swirly skirt with his curving fingers.

Yes. His skirt.

Not only skirt, but his entire look was something that he knew would take Takaki aback for a moment and keep his eyes on him. The idea came to him when he was watching Big Mama 2 DVD with Daiki last week, though of course he actually planned on looking all pretty. He had successfully dragged Daiki and Hikaru on a quest to find just the perfect maid costume in Akihabara and he liked what the comedic partners had chosen for him. It was always nice to know that these two would do what he wanted them to do when he needed them, also the part where they wouldn't really ask any question about it.

His wig was dark brown, the bangs covering his forehead stunningly and the waving long hair touching his chest area, adding femininity to his face. The pink maid dress he was wearing gave him an illusion of feminine body curve. He wasn't exactly comfortable with the heels that he was wearing but he kind of adored the white knee-length socks. He was so sure that he would fall in love with his own reflection right now.

"More like I don't know how to react to this madness," Takaki blinked. "Why are you wearing a dress, Inoo-kun?"

Smirking, Inoo walked towards Takaki in such a strange manner. It wasn't particularly easy to walk in a pair of shoes that had seven-centimetre of heel on them, making him wonder just why on earth girls walked with them on. He smiled slyly when he realised that the heels made him somewhat taller than Takaki as he approached him.

"So Takagi-san, we need some get-to-know-each-other better," Inoo grinned.

The slighty older guy blinked at Inoo, seemingly not sure of how he should react to it without being offensive. "Getting to know each other by you dressing like a girl?"

"Well, it's a good start," Inoo answered. He took Takaki's wrist and dragged him to the edge of one of the beds, sitting down while pulling the other down with him so that they would sit side by side.

"I don't understand how it is a good start..."

Sighing, Inoo turned to Takaki, his head was slightly tilted while his eyes were staring at the brunette un-amusedly. “Because I thought it’d be awesome to start it with a bang.”

“It is a bang, if you want me to be honest,” Takaki laughed, his hand reaching out to the skirt – couldn’t help but touch the fabric because he seemed to be really curious. “But are you out of your mind?”

“Hey! At least appreciate the effort! Bad, bad, bad Takagi-san.”

“Stop calling me with that, it’s freaky.”

“It’s not, it’s rather adorable~. Ta.Ka.Gi.San~,” Inoo winked to Takaki, his lips were pursed to hold his laughter in.

“…. you’re absolutely out of your mind, Inoo-kun.”

With that Takaki stood up, heading to his bag before grabbing some clothes. Inoo could only watch from where he was sitting, his palms were pressed against the bed – leaning his weight on them. It wasn’t like how he had planned it. He expected Takaki to be amused and to start asking questions on how he managed to get the look together.

“Such a cold man you are, Takaki,” Inoo commented

“Hm?” Takaki turned his head to him. “Me? Eh? How so?”

“Because you-are-out-of-your-mind was your only reaction. Damn, I spent the whole weekend looking for the dress and I had to treat Dai-chan and Hikaru lunch so that they would want to go with me willingly to get this,” Inoo sighed.

He took off his shoes; the heels were starting to get into his nerves – throwing them to the floor randomly before crawling to the bed. Crossing his legs in the least feminine manner possible, he watched the way Takaki was reaching out to the towel that was folded neatly on the desk not far from where the somewhat taller guy stood.

“You look pretty, if that’d make you feel slightly happy,” Takaki commented.

“I know that I am.”

“Then?” Takaki leaned his bum against the edge of the desk.

“Well, can’t we talk more? We don’t really talk, you know. You’d just giggle randomly to what I say, but no real conversation.”

“Oh… that bothers you?” Takaki asked.

“A little.”

Getting off from the bed, Inoo rushed off to the bathroom, signalling the other guy that he would only take a second and the bathroom would be Takaki’s right after he finished. Inoo sighed once he got inside, staring at his own reflection, noticing that the only thing that was missing from his entire look was a nicely done make up. All he had on his face was his usual foundation and the cherry flavoured lip balm that he borrowed from Daiki. Maybe he should have agreed with Hikaru that he should have gone to a salon or something to get his make up done.

“I thought you said you were going to take a leak,” the bathroom door swung open, revealing a questioning Takaki. “What took you so long then?

“Nothing. Just admiring my pretty face,” Inoo snorted at his own lameness. He finally moved from the mirror, turning his body to the other guy while smiling.

“Like I said, you do look pretty in that,” Takaki chuckled.

“I know~. Does Takagi-san like it?”

“Stop it. It’s creepy,” the other guy rolled his eyes, shaking his head disapprovingly.

“You’re not answering the question,” Inoo pointed out.

Takaki seemed to be taken aback a little at that, restlessly leaning onto the doorframe with his eyes firmly locked at Inoo. Inoo had known Takaki since the other guy joined the company, yet he knew that he wouldn’t call himself as someone that was close to him. But at least he knew when Takaki was being serious, and that was what the other’s face was showing him right now.

“I like it,” Takaki answered. “Though jeans and a t-shirt would be better. Also get rid of the wig.”

“Say what?” Inoo blinked.

“As in you’re pretty enough without this dress or silly wig,” said Takaki as he smiled awkwardly. “But I appreciate the effort.”

Inoo wasn’t expecting Takaki to say that he was pretty even outside that maid costume he was wearing. He was just a normal university student and he wouldn’t say that he was girly in any way; other than for that puripuripretty skit that he did in the past, and he was so sure the only thing that was pretty was the hairclip he was wearing.

“You know,” Takaki spoke up again, hanging the towel to the hook on the wall as he did that. “There’s a reason why I don't really talk to you.”

“There is?”

“Yeah. I just think that staring at you is more enjoyable than talking to you.”

“And why is that?” Inoo frowned.

“Because you’re attractive and all, but once you opened your mouth, you are the most random person I ever met in my life that I don’t know how to react to that,” Takaki reasoned out. “Like this, this is extremely random,” he continued, pointing his finger to Inoo’s entire look while stepping closer to Inoo.

“But you like it~,” Inoo grinned, followed by Takaki’s laugh.

When silence creeping to the room, Inoo felt how it suddenly became awkward to be in the bathroom with Takaki. He straightened up, scratching the underside of his wig with his finger while his eyes not leaving Takaki’s figure for even one bit. “Do you know what I really want to do right now?” Inoo asked, stepping closer.

“How would I know?” Takaki asked back.

“Because Dai-chan said you’re actually smarter than how you look like, “ Inoo grinned. Now that he was about the same height again as Takaki it was just easier for him to lean forward… and planted a quick peck on the other’s cheek.

Inoo just chuckled in amusement when Takaki literally froze on the spot, but he left anyway. The wig had started to feel itchy and he just wanted to get rid of the dress because it felt heavier by second. Yet before he even managed to reach for his bag that as just by the side of the desk, he felt himself being pulled back, his head automatically turned to see what was happening.

It felt surreal to be the one that was in shock because he was so sure that it was Takaki, there in front of him, kissing him on the lips. Inoo’s eyes flustered close almost instantly only to open up the next second because he swore to God he thought he was dreaming. Wasn’t this getting interesting?

“Hang on, Takagi-san. I believe we haven’t discussed about this,” he pulled back, a smirk on his face.

“Oh? But does Keiko-san have any complaint about it?” Takaki asked.


“If you keep on calling me Takagi-san, I’m gonna call you Keiko-san,” Takaki reasoned out.

“How old are you?! Twelve??” Inoo laughed. As his laugh faded away, Inoo smiled, shifting closer while wrapping his arms around the other’s neck. “You call that a kiss, Ta-Ka-Ki??

Takaki stared down to Inoo, seemingly trying to process what the fair skinned guy was trying to say. “No. I call that a peck.”

Things seemed to happen so fast and Inoo couldn’t remember how they went from teasing, to kissing, to touching… and to more kissing. A hand made its way to the underneath of his dress, cupping his butt cheek firmly – yet he only shrugged it off because he was busier fighting for dominance as they deepened their kiss.

It was surprisingly good, and Inoo thought he should have expected it because Takaki was the only one that ever had his private purikura leaked to the public. He pulled back a little to catch his breath, lips lingering from the other guy. Inoo wanted to make a random comment, because that was what he always did.

But it was hard to do so when Takaki tilted his head and kissed him again and Inoo found himself giving in to the kiss. He parted his lips as he let Takaki taking over the control this time, too lazy to fight for it because damn, this kind of felt good. The squeeze on his bum didn’t leave him since they started and Inoo decided that he should at least keep his man pride.

So with that he unwrapped his hands from Takaki’s neck, ghosted them down to the hem of the other’s shirt, slipped them to underneath Takaki’s shirt, and felt the skin with his palms. He felt his body being push backward, somewhere along the line his legs hit the edge of the bed, making him fall straight right to the bed.

He was blinking, trying to catch his breath for a bit, but Takaki was already crawling on top of him. Inoo snorted, amused; and it was followed by Takaki mumbling “Shut up…” awkwardly to him. Inoo just laid quietly on the bed, letting Takaki’s fingers working on the knot of his wig, taking it off. There was a smile on Takaki’s face when Inoo’s real hair was revealed, looking more contented with what he saw.

As the other observed him from head to toe, Inoo took the initiative to pull Takaki’s t-shirt over his head, a sly distinct smirk forming on his fair face. Inoo lifted up his leg, purposely grinding it against the other’s crotch, making friction on the jeans Takaki was wearing.

Too much clothes on, he thought, so he sat up, not fully but just enough to reach for Takaki’s belt, and worked on the other’s jeans. He liked the expression on Takaki’s face. It was a mixture of excitement, shocked, and curiosity. As Takaki turned Inoo’s body over, the keyboardist gasped in anticipation, eyes flustering close as he heard the sound of his dress’ zip being pulled down by Takaki.

“Keep it on…” Inoo mumbled.

“Keep what on?”

“The dress… and the socks… maybe.”


Inoo turned around, sitting up to settle down on Takaki’s lap, his finger ghosting on Takaki’s collar bones while his lips capturing those full lips again. “It’s just rather twisted that way,” he whispered to the kiss, arching his body towards Takaki. “We can leave the zip undone though. Ta-ka-gi-san~,” he grinned.

“I have no complaint on that,” said Takaki.

It surprised Inoo when instead of continuing, Takaki pushed Inoo away. Inoo frowned at Takaki, wanting to protest, but he quickly understood when Takaki quickly came back with a rubber and lube. Of course. How could he not even think of it?

“You always have those with you?”

“Not really. The rubber yes. Not the lube.”

“Oh…? Then why you have it with you now?” Inoo asked, volunteering to turn over, his belly flat on the bed.

“I don’t know? I just do,” Takaki chuckled, his fingers snaking on Inoo’s exposed back before his lips finding their ways to the skin. Oh that was nice, Inoo thought.

Inoo decided to drop the topic because he obviously had something more interested going on there. He liked the fact that Takaki only took off his briefs, not taking other clothes that Inoo wore off just as he requested. A wet, slick and cold finger slid in between his butt cheeks, making his body tense for a moment. Oh the expectation.

He winced softly at the intrusion in his opening, his own fingers curling on the edge of his twirly dress, fisting at it. One, he counted Takaki’s finger in him, grunting as he felt the other’s finger curling inside him. Two, he counted again, the stretch felt like eternity. He tilted his head back, turning it to see how the other was stretching him when he felt a third finger intruding him.

He didn’t get to see how the digit got into him, Takaki was faster at crashing their lips together, making Inoo moan slightly in shock – more escaping his lips when Takaki’s fingers managed to brush upon his prostate. His heart paced as he felt himself getting hard from the pleasure that he was experiencing.

It felt empty when those fingers left him with Inoo almost bucking back just to keep them in. He bent his knees to lift his bum up, silently begging for Takaki to continue with what he started. And the other did.

He closed his eyes, whining at the stretch in his entrance. It wasn’t Takaki’s finger, he quickly noticed. Takaki was pressing his shaft in him, and it was stretching him open. It was arousing to hear Takaki grunted as he pushed in, Inoo feeling himself provoked by that husky voice of Takaki’s and the experience of the other’s length filling him up.

Takaki was slow at first, but gradually increased his pace. Inoo pressed his cheek on the mattress, his teeth biting down on his lower lip to stop himself from making too much noise but it was a massive failure as soon as Takaki gave him a forceful thrust, then push after push. It didn’t take him too long to bury his face onto the nearest pillow, trying to keep his moan from being too loud as those forces ramming into him.

Inoo blinked in surprised when he felt himself being pulled downwards, his legs suddenly touching the floor. He was surprised that Takaki managed to do it without even pulling his cock out. Turning his head to see what was going on, Inoo found himself gulping at the sight before him. Takaki was standing right behind him, his hands were firm on Inoo’s hips, slamming his proud shaft into Inoo’s sore entrance.

His spine jolted when Takaki hit the right spot, literally crying out from the delightful and electrifying sensation it gave him. His stomach sank the more he was fucked, his knees trembled with every thrust that Inoo had no complaint about, because oh Lord it felt so good. So good that he couldn’t even look at Takaki’s beautiful eager face, or the way that copper hair falling onto the other’s face, because his vision was doubled and his eyes were having a hard time to keep themselves open.

“T-there…” he finally managed to mumble.

Inoo slid his hand to underneath his twirly dress, reached out for his own throbbing cock, stroking it in an uneven rhythm, practically really distracted by the way Takaki was pushing into him. Ah he was so close, so close that he could only stiffened when he felt his back muscles contracted, feeling his ejaculation coming to him.

It was blissful, his voice crying out with pleasure, body convulsing and tightening up around Takaki’s hardness, releasing into his hand while arching his body backward. His body shivered, seeing sparks before his own eyes when Takaki kept on thrusting through his orgasm. Too good, and Inoo couldn’t even comprehend. He blinked in surprise when he literally felt warm, thick liquid flowing in him.

“Y-you didn’t use the damned rubber?” Inoo protested, realising that only after Takaki came inside him.

“No…” Takaki answered half panting, pulling himself out from Inoo, but a smirk was clearly on his face.

“Oh you…”

“You liked it nonetheless,” Takaki grinned, crawling onto the bed while pulling Inoo with him.

Inoo laughed, didn’t have any energy left to complain. He pulled the blanket along with him as he snuggled to Takaki, taking his dress and socks off in the processes. It felt nice to finally felt their skins against one another, but he didn’t regret having sexual intercourse with it either. “So was that a bang enough for a start?” Inoo asked.

“It was a great one,” Takaki laughed.

“Then we can talk more after this?”

“I kind of prefer the silence better…” Takaki answered honestly, sliding his hands to Inoo’s waist and pulling him closer. “… the silence, with a little bit of this.”

And Inoo couldn’t agree more.


I forgot to post this. It was written and revealed so long ago.
Tags: !one-shot, *they said it should start with a bang, c: inoo kei, c: takaki yuya, g: hey!say!jump, r: nc-17
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